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  • Mother Lode Youth Soccer League

P.O.BOX 1504, JACKSON, CA  95642


Round Table – JACKSON, CA 5:30p

  1. Call to Order: 5:56 pm

  2. Roll Call: via  Sign-in Sheet

  3. Introduction of Guests: none

  4. Acceptance of January  10, 2022. Board Meeting minutes: Motion by Nicky Corrigan to accept the 1/10/22 minutes. Monique Nichols seconds the motion. All in favor. 

  5. Correspondence

  6. District VIII Update: 

  1. Shirley is still sick in hospital; she may be retiring.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: see email. 

  2. Coach Coordinator’s Report

  3. Registrar’s Update: website will stay the same. They got rid of Affinity. Now they have Gotsoccer. 

  4. Referee Coordinator’s Report: 

    1. Referee advertising

  5. Committee Reports 

  1. Field Committee: Chair: Josh Price: Men’s bathroom was broken into. Door will not shut.

    1. Field usage discussion: we only have usage of the fields. The city doesn’t pay much for water. It’s untreated.

  2. Policy and Procedure Revision Committee: Chair: Lucas Whitlock: nothing yet.

  3. Bylaws Revision Committee: Chair:  Lucas Whitlock: noting yet.

  4. Opening Day Committee: Chair: Nickey Corrigan: nothing yet.

  5. Jamboree Committee: Chair: Jennifer Quick/Carol Schwabe: nothing yet.

  6. PAD Committee: Chair: Lucas Whitlock

  7. Fundraising Committee: Chair: Jennifer Quick

  8. Scheduling Committee: Chair: Jennifer Quick

  9. Thank You/AGM Committee: Chair : Lucas Whitlock

  10. District Cup Committee: Chair: Sean Visser

  11. Scholarship Committee: Chair: Jennifer Quick/ Carol Schwabe

  12. Soccer Camp Committee: Nickey Corrigan: Aug 5-6, 2022.

  13. Social Media Committee: Nickey Corrigan

  1. New Business

  1. U8 / Goalie: no research.

  2. Field usage: 

  1. Cornerstone Church June 20-24

  2. ACRA June 6-10

  3. Discussion of fees for field use.

  1. Volcano Communications will donate funds to MLYSL. At the Christmas party, they fundraise for a community agency. They picked us!

  2. Field upgrades:

  1. Old Business

  1. Confirm dates:

    1. May 11, 5-7 pm: 1st LiveScan

    2. July 21, Mandatory Coaches Mtg.-- Wait for Carol to confirm

    3. August 13: Picture day and field prep day

    4. August 20: Opening day

  2. Gravel: Need a trucking company that will haul gravel in. Yeager Trucking isn’t returning calls. Need someone to haul and someone to spread.

  3. Bathrooms: Amador Plumbing is coming out to change out faucets. 

  4. Purchase of a new laptop for registrar/treasurer Brandy Hawkins. Motion by Carol Schwabe to spend no more than $2,000.00 for a new laptop to use for league business. Motion seconded by Nicky Corrigan. All in favor. Motion passes. 

  1. Good of the Game

  2. Agenda items for next board meeting.  Next Board Meeting: March 07, 2022

  3. Adjournment 6:55 pm

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Motherlode Youth Soccer League

P.O. Box 1504  Jackson California 95642 Email: [email protected]

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